TLS/SSL is the security standard for protecting internet traffic.

Transport Layer Security, or TLS, is the successor to Secure Sockets Layer, better known as SSL. If you have ever shopped on the internet or used online banking, you have most likely used TLS. You may recognize its use by the presence of https:// at the beginning of a TLS secured web address or the presence of the padlock icon in your web browser.

TLS is used to protect information while it is in transit on the internet, and its use isn't limited to just the web. TLS is regularly used to keep email and instant messaging secure from eavesdropping. In addition to protecting information, TLS can also provide authentication, which is important to prevent impersonation.

If you send information over the internet, whether it is customer data for eCommerce or CRM, or just your login credentials, you should protect it with TLS.

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